Best Block Chain Engineer Jobs You Can Find Online

July 15, 2021

Blockchain developers are responsible for optimizing, crafting, and developing blockchain protocols and blockchain systems. Today, companies hire blockchain developers for developing smart contracts and web apps using blockchain technologies. The average blockchain developer salary is $155, 357. Blockchain developer eligibility is having strong software development skills. Best blockchain developers are today hired by various companies such as Hire with together. The jobs can be categorized as entry-level blockchain remote jobs, full-time blockchain jobs, and part-time blockchain jobs. The demand of blockchain developers has been significantly raised by the past few years.

What is a blockchain developer's salary?

Various companies today are offering blockchain engineer remote jobs such as Polychain Labs, Algorand, Gemini, Republic, and Salt. These companies offer the best blockchain engineer jobs online for aspiring candidates. Blockchain developer freelancers are gaining popularity because of low costs and high returns. The average freelance blockchain developer salary is $70,333 per year. However, the IBM blockchain developer salary is $72,000-$130,000. Junior blockchain developer's salary is $120,748. The blockchain developer salary is defined before recruitment and some companies also display the wages for a particular job along with its description. The salary of a blockchain developer in the USA is $106,000 per year.

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What is a blockchain developer?

Best Blockchain developers allow secure digital transactions by creating systems to record and store blockchain data. Blockchain developers produce creative and secure blockchain technologies, interfaces, and application characteristics. They are also responsible for maintaining server and client-side applications.

Which companies hire blockchain developers?

Blockchain developers are responsible for the full life cycles of blockchain applications. The companies hire them for complex analysis, development, testing, designing, and producing distinct computer software. This is done for various Information and hardware processing in business firms. Salt, Gemini, Republic, Hire with together, Algorand, Polychain Labs, Paxful, TQ Tezos, Paxos, and Casa are some popular companies that hire blockchain developers worldwide. E-commerce, consulting, and marketplace are some industries that hire blockchain developers. Due to this, blockchain developers are in high demand and are considered a promising technological alternative for all companies worldwide. Glassdoor reports an increase in blockchain developer jobs of 300% in 2019 when compared to the preceding year.

Due to its increased demand blockchain is also good for freelancing. Blockchain freelancers are highly skilled and passionate and can earn adequate money for their living.

How to become a blockchain developer?

You can be recruited as an entry-level blockchain developer by refining your software development skills. An individual must possess an understanding of blockchain fundamentals. Many entry-level blockchain remote workers do not have sound coding skills but they should learn languages such as JavaScript, and Solidity. They must possess a Bachelors's degree and understanding of DApps use cases.

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 On the other hand, senior blockchain developers are involved in different blockchain developer projects. They are actively involved in setting up infrastructure and training new hires. They have an experience of more than 2 years of blockchain development and more than 3 years experience of in languages such as Java, Python, and C++.

Blockchain certification:

The certification can be done by top blockchain courses such as Blockchain for Business 2021 by Udemy, P.G. Diploma in Blockchain Technology by UpGrad, and Blockchain Certification Course by EC council. 

Time required to become a blockchain developer:

If a candidate does not have any previous skill or experience it may become difficult for an aspiring individual. Blockchain basics and application learning is necessary for being a good blockchain developer. It takes about 2 years to get complete knowledge about the basics and applications of blockchain development.

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Is blockchain a good career?

Blockchain development is the fastest-rising field in the labor market. Blockchain development provides a variety of job opportunities because the workers are allowed to work on innovative subjects using blockchain technology and cutting-edge technology. As a result, the skills of a person are magnified and refined. Due to their increased demand for blockchain, developers make a considerable amount in their careers.

Following are the best blockchain engineer jobs you can find online:

Hire with together:

Hire with together is a leading website that is active in connecting company managers and blockchain engineers worldwide. Hire together helps in the recruitment of qualified and competent blockchain developers. This can actively help in finding freelance and remote blockchain jobs. 

The company is not confined to a particular region but also unlocks opportunities for junior blockchain jobs, entry-level blockchain developer jobs, remote blockchain developers jobs, part-time blockchain developer jobs, and freelance blockchain jobs. The company also provides the benefit of low-cost hiring because of the high strength and status of the US dollar in the global currency. Furthermore, we can find more competent and qualified staff members for blockchain jobs by worldwide recruitment.

Polychain Labs:

Polychain labs are located in Austin TX. They allow the largest stakeholders to utilize their crypto in a new and secured manner. Research is drawn to articulate and manage the risks and rewards of the holders. The company has run Google, BitGo, Coinbase, and JPL previously. Now it is actively running the largest Tezos Baking Operation. Cosmo, Celo, Oasis Labs, and Polka dot are some active networks of the company. NuCypher, Filecoin, Compound, and Acala are some upcoming networks of the company.

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The company has opened job opportunities for cryptocurrency engineers, custody engineers, and entry-level blockchain remote jobs of cryptocurrency infrastructure engineers, site reliability engineers, security engineers, and lead accounting engineers.


Toptal provides opportunities for blockchain developer freelancers worldwide and provides valuable freelance blockchain developer salaries. The company conducts stringent tests and only 3%, of applicants, are hired. It is one of the oldest and most reliable platforms for hiring blockchain developers because you can find the best blockchain developer jobs remote control.

Toptal is considered as the primary option for blockchain developers and Javascript, PHP, and full-stack developers.

Bounty One:

Bounty one is another company that provides opportunities for crowdsourcing and freelancing. It links blockchain freelancers with various companies throughout the world who desire to pay freelancers in cryptocurrency. The jobs are posted and the hiring of blockchain developers occurs through interviews. The company also provides various activities for communicating with the blockchain developers. The smart contract system is used to send the blockchain software developer salaries.

Stack Overflow:

The company aids in the optimization of blockchain developers' hires. In this way, it helps to link the potential companies to the best blockchain developer freelancers. Stack overflow talent is a channel of stack overflow that helps in posting jobs on the jobs board. The board is accurately organized to hire blockchain developers. This ultimately helps in searching for particular candidates who best fit a blockchain developer project.


The company is New York-based which was found in 2014 and provides the best blockchain developer jobs online. The company is currently working with various banks, government boards, and businesses. The company is also active to investigate blockchain activities. The blockchain developer's salary is transferred through cryptocurrency. The company provides parental leaves, health insurance, discounts, and different retirement plans for the employees. The company provides jobs of data analytics, data engineer, project management, HR, senior software engineers, staff software engineer, customer marketing managers, operations, finance, sales, and engineering.


Coinme is fully remote and provides entry-level blockchain remote jobs. Like Chainalysis it was also found in 2014. The company aims to make digital currency accessible throughout the world. The customers' services of finances are built on blockchain principles due to which it has a mobile-first digital bank. 

It provides jobs of customer support representative, senior Java software engineer, program manager, HR coordinator, software engineering director crypto, digital marketing web developer, senior security engineer, and many more.

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Algorand is struggling for the future of finances by converting decentralized models into a symmetrical form. It allows interoperability in the field of blockchain. The company was found in 2018  and is located in Boston. 

The company provides opportunities for vice president, engineering, senior software engineer, team manager, solution architect, executive assistant, senior technical product manager, director, IT engineer, and software engineer.


It is a vast company based in New York, Chicago, and LA. Gemini is a licensed digital asset exchange that built a platform so customers can buy, sell, and store digital assets. The company provides many benefits to its workers such as retirement benefits, vacation, professional development, parental leaves, and discounts. Jobs such as trading system engineer, mobile engineer, senior front end engineer, site reliability engineer, senior software engineer, senior associate, freelance security writer, and senior machine learning engineers can be found through the platform.

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Salt is also a fully remote platform. It was found in 2016 offers crypto-focused financial services for individuals and businesses. As a result, people find wealth outcomes through blockchain technologies. The company provides maximum benefits to the employees such as Child Care & Parental Leave Benefits, professional development, and discounts, Salt use technologies of JavaScript, redux, react, Haskell, and rust. Jobs of director of compliance and the chief legal officer can be found through salt.