Best Way To Hire Employees From Colombia In 2021

March 3, 2021

The year 2020 has been a year filled with uncertainty but learnings. Amongst all the other things that the year taught us, it also unveiled the perks of remote working. Thankfully, now both the employees as well as the employers have started to realize the perks associated with remote working. Due to this realization, people from Colombia are now looking for jobs in foreign companies whereas the companies are now interested in hiring employees from Colombia.

Technology and special software's that are made while keeping remote working in mind are also a great resource that prove extremely beneficial for both the companies offering work from home jobs as well as the employees who are interested in acquiring these jobs. From time management to productivity trackers, task assignment tools and a vast range of communication and conferencing platforms, an array of software's that facilitate remote work are now available for the companies as well as the employees. 

If you too own a company, or work for one and wish to add Colombian employees to your payroll, this article will serve as an excellent guide for you. The article will break down the steps involved and provide all the information that you need to be able to hire employees from Colombia. 

So let’s get started. 

Why Hire Colombian Employees? 

Employees from Colombia are in high demand these days. This is because Colombia is home to some of the best professionals from around the globe. The people of Colombia are not only intelligent and intellectually sound, but they are hard working and dedicated as well. 

From technical staff to writers, engineers, teachers, lawyers, accountants, programmers and what not - you name it and you will come across people from Colombia who will be able to be the best fit for any job that you have to offer to them. 

Another perk of hiring employees from Colombia is the fact that these people are well versed in the English language. Therefore, there is little to absolutely no communication gap. They can read, write, comprehend and speak English fluently. Therefore, they do not need to be trained for effective communication. 

Even if requiring training, people from Colombia are generally fast learners. They have an open and welcoming personality that makes them an ideal choice for a blended workplace with a diverse team. You will also find them to be easy going and extremely easy to reach out to. Therefore, every company should surely be considering Colombian employees for their work force. 

Hiring Employees From Colombia- Background Information:

Before you go ahead and start the process of hiring employees from Colombia, you need to be aware of some things and regulations. Here is what you should know in this regard:


Colombia is a highly populated country with a population of around 50.34 million (as estimated in 2019). The high population is one of the reasons why there is a lot of competition in the job market in colombia. There is a saturation of workers and employees in most of the fields. Therefore, people from Colombia are often interested in finding jobs abroad or work for foreign countries. 

This being said, it is nothing but an obvious fact that finding employees from Colombia would therefore be quite easy and simple. As soon as a company will advertise for a post, especially a post that allows working on a remote basis, the company will start receiving a handful of applications. Therefore, as a company who is looking to hire employees from Colombia, you will surely be getting a larger talent pool of applicants and will have to shortlist the candidates and filter them to find an employee that best suits the requirements and skills of the job posted. 


Due to their expertise and specialization, the employees from Colombia are highly paid by companies from all around the globe. For instance, on average, a software engineer from Colombia can easily make around $118,234 per year. But the salary and the estimate depends on a number of factors. It can increase or go lower than the average depending on the experience of the person, the post, work requirements as well as the scope and the extent of the company for whom the employee is working. 

If you are planning to hire an employee from Colombia, the company will have to draft an employment contract that clearly states all the terms and conditions of the employment. According to the Colombian employee regulations, it is important for the contract to be drafted in the Spanish language. Moreover, the local regulations only allow for the employees to be hired on a fixed term basis. The maximum duration of a contract between an employee and a company can be three years. After the completion of the three years contract period, the contract can be further extended or discontinued as needed. But any contract exceeding the time period of three years is not valid. 


The GMT-5 time zone is followed in Colombia. This is great news for the companies based in the US since the time zone is the same. Therefore, companies from the US or the ones who follow the US time zone can gladly take Colombian employees on board. The communication and time gap is zero which surely makes collaboration and communication easier and feasible for both the employees as well as the employers. 

General Regulations:

Some other employment regulations that the employers looking for Colombian employees need to be aware of includes the leave policy. The employees are entitled to an annual leave of 15 days which is paid in nature. Other than the annual leave, female employees are also entitled to a paid maternity leave of 18 weeks while the male employees get a paid paternity leave for 8 days. 

Moreover, the company is also bound to send a one month notice period if they wish to terminate the employee. The notice period should be sent in written form and a bonus equivalent to the employee’s one month salary is also granted to the employees at the end of each year. The employer also needs to ensure a fair hiring process and also provide a safe working environment with zero tolerance for harassment or bullying.