Best Way To Hire Employees From Czech Republic In 2021

March 24, 2021

Gone are the days where companies could only add local workers to their workforce. Thank technology and the introduction of efficient remote working tools and resources, companies from all around the globe can now have foreign employees working from them. 

One of the go-to countries from where companies love to hire employees is none other than the Czech Republic. Whether it be engineering jobs, teaching jobs, administrative or managerial roles, or even skill-based jobs, companies on a global scale are opening up doors of opportunities for workers and employees from the Czech Republic. 

Hiring employees from the Czech Republic may seem to be a big deal. But in reality, people from the Czech Republic are also interested in taking up jobs in foreign organizations. They are attracted by the numerous perks and an international work environment that provides them with ample opportunities to grow and excel. 

If you are also an employer who wishes to have some Czech Republic employees on their company’s payroll, you have reached the right place. Through this article, you will get a step-by-step breakdown of why and how to hire employees from the Czech Republic in 2021. 

Why Hire Employees From Czech Republic? 

Whenever a company is willing to add employees to their team, the first thing that they look for is skill and professionalism. No employer would hire an employee if the employee would not be able to add value to the company or prove to be a beneficial asset. Therefore, companies from all over the world are always in search of skilled and educated workers that can contribute to the company and play an integral role in its success and progress. 

One of the main reasons why companies tend to prefer employees from the Czech Republic is due to the higher literacy rate. The Czech Republic has a literacy rate of 99.93%. This itself is a clear reflection of the fact that people from the Czech Republic are educated and well versed. Another reason why hiring employees from the Czech Republic is a popular choice amongst international companies is because of the reduced cost. The Czech Republic currency i.e. Czech Korona is quite devalued as compared to the US dollars. Therefore, companies can hire the best employees, pay them a handsome salary, and still end up saving a lot of money which makes it an attractive deal for them and gives them ample reason to consider adding employees from the Czech Republic to their team.  

Hiring Employees From Czech Republic- Background Information:

The actual process of hiring employees from the Czech Republic is quite simple. But before proceedi


The Czech Republic is a moderately populated country. With a population of around 10.65 million people, it is a country where there is immense competition in the job market. The number of jobs in the market is quite less as compared to the number of job seekers. Therefore, the people of Czech Republic are quite interested in the foreign job market. You will be amazed to find out that for a single vacancy, companies have reported that thousands of people have applied. And majority of the people who applied for the job are quite skilled and meet the requirement criteria perfectly. 


As already mentioned earlier, one of the reasons why companies are interested in hiring employees from the Czech Republic is because it is an affordable deal. When international employees are hired by companies, they are often paid in dollars. And since the dollar to Czech currency conversion ends up being a handsome sum of money, therefore both the employees as well as employers are interested in joining hands and reaping these benefits. 

On average the salary of a software engineer in Czech Republic can be around $76,755 per annum along with other benefits. But this is not an absolute value as the salary expectations can vary greatly depending on several factors like experience, education level and even the company that one is working for. 


The GMT +1 timezone is followed by the Czech Republic. There is a slight difference in the timezone between Czech Republic and the US but thanks to technology, managing the timezone is no longer an issue. Employees too are willing to put in some extra effort and manage the timezone difference. Plus most employers also offer remote employees flexible timings which further helps manage and facilitate remote work. 

General Regulations:

The Czech Republic is quite vigilant and serious about labor and employee regulations. Therefore, if you want to have some employees from the Czech Republic on board, you will have to manage and take into account a couple of things beforehand. 

Employees are entitled to some benefits that are their mandatory right and the employers are obligated to pay for them. Employees have a right to pension on retirement. Both the employees as well as the employers contribute to a pension fund. This fund is handed over to the employees on their retirement. 

Other than a retirement plan, employers are also supposed to support some paid time off. The local holiday celebrations of Czech Republic are paid holidays for the employees from that region. Other than the holidays, the employees are also entitled to a certain number of paid leaves each year. This is a mutual agreement between the employers and the employees. Employees are also entitled to a paid maternity and paternity leave. 

These are the mandatory benefits for the employees from the Czech Republic. Other than this, some companies also provide meal vouchers for the employees. In case of remotely working employees, the meal vouchers are often reimbursed in the form of monetary payment. The same is true for house rent and other medical facilities that the employees are entitled to. The maternity leave duration also varies depending on whether the woman has given birth to a single child, twins or triplets etc. Health insurance is also mandatory and covers the basic health expenses of the employees and their immediate families.