Best Way To Hire Employees From Mexico In 2021

April 11, 2021

Companies from all around the globe are highly interested in hiring employees from Mexico. Thanks to technology and the excellent remote working practices, taking onboard employees from Mexico is no longer an issue. 

The hiring trend is changing on a global scale and it is not only the employers that are interested in adding Mexican employees on board but the people from Mexico are also always looking for opportunities that allow them to work for international clients and companies. 

If you are also a company owner who is looking for ways to hire employees from Mexico, this article would be an ideal resource for you. We have broken down the steps and explained the procedure in a simple manner so that you can easily onboard employees from Mexico

Why Hire Mexican Employees? 

Mexico is a popular choice for companies who are looking to take diverse employees on board. This is because the people from Mexico are known to be hardworking and dedicated. Mexico is a country that enjoys a literacy rate of around 95.38 percent. This means that majority of the people from Mexico are educated and trained. 

Moreover, the people from Mexico are quite fluent in English. Therefore, when you are looking for employees from Mexico, you can be a hundred percent certain that communication and language would not be a barrier. You will find that the employees from Mexico are quite open and easy to reach out to. They have an open and friendly nature and love to collaborate with one another. Therefore, it can be rightfully stated that people from Mexico are team players and would be a valuable addition to any company. 

Hiring Employees From Mexico- Background Information:

Before you go ahead and start the actual process of hiring employees from Mexico, you need to be aware of some things. Here is some background information that you need to be aware of:


Mexico is a moderately populated country with a population of nearly 128 million as of 2021. But the population of Mexico is growing at a rapid rate. Therefore, you will find that there is huge competition in the job market. There is a large number of job seekers, but unfortunately, there are not that many jobs in the market. 

Considering this situation, people from Mexico are always interested in seeking jobs abroad. Even if the employers do not have the employees move abroad, the employees are still interested in bagging such opportunities and start working with the companies on a remote basis. People from Mexico can be hired on a full-time, part-time, contractual as well as a project basis. 


The salary that you should expect to be paying to the employees from Mexico varies depending on the job role and responsibilities. But on average, a software engineer in Brazil can expect to make around $12-13,000 per year. 

Other than the salary, employees from Mexico are also entitled to some other benefits. At the end of each year, the employees are entitled to receive an additional salary equivalent to either one or two months of their salary.  This is paid for by the employer at the end of the year. Some employers pay the salary also known as the bonus in one installment while some employees may choose to pay the bonus in two to three installments. 

The tax deduction and filing are always the responsibility of the employer. The employer has to take into account the local taxation rules and then adjust the salary accordingly. In case of non-compliance, it will be the employer who would be held responsible and not the employee. 


The GMT-6 timezone is followed in Mexico. This means that there is not a lot of difference in the timezone of Mexico and the employers from the US will be able to collaborate and communicate with their employees in Mexico with ease. There will be a difference of a couple of hours but all in all, the difference can easily be managed and will not be too big of a deal. 

General Regulations:

The Mexican regulations bind the employers to pay the employees in local Mexican banks. Moreover, the currency of payment is also set to be pesos. The salary has to be credited into the employees’ account after the tax deduction and management. The payslip of the employee also has to be compliant with the SAT regulations and the official copy must be retained by both the employee as well as the employer. 

The terms of working including the working hours and salary expectations need to be clearly mentioned on the contract. Signing the contract by both parties would be considered an agreement that both stakeholders agree to the terms and conditions that have been mentioned on the contract. 

In case of termination of the job, the employee has to provide the company with at least a fifteen-day notice period. But in case the employer wishes to terminate the contract, the employee has to be notified a month in advance and this notice period would be paid by the employer. 

Employees are given a total of six paid holidays per year. These holidays exclude any local or national holidays that may be observed in Mexico or in the country of origin of the employer. Female workers are also entitled to maternity leave to be paid by the employees while the male employees also get a couple of weeks off for paternity leave. 

Another noticeable rule that the employer has to observe is the opening of a savings account. At the start of the employment period, a savings account is opened in the name of the employee, and both the employee as well as the employer make equal contributions to this account. At the end of the employment contract period or in case of the termination of the job or retirement of the employee, the employee is entitled to receive all the money that is allocated in the savings account thus far.