Best Way To Hire Employees From Pakistan In 2021

February 9, 2021

Companies and businesses from all around the world have started to realize the perks of hiring employees from other countries. One popular country that is preferred by US companies looking for employees is Pakistan. Therefore, you will find a large number of jobs in USA for Pakistani 2020. But before companies go ahead and start hiring employees from Pakistan, they need to know some things about the country that can help make the hiring process easier and assist the companies in hiring suitable employees for the job role. 

Every business and company wants to have the best employees on board. The goal is to find hard working, dedicated and experienced employees that can play an integral role in the progress of the company. 

US companies are always on the look for employees that can play a positive role. Pakistani employees are known for their hard work and professionalism. Therefore, companies love to have employees from Pakistan on board. If you are also interested in hiring employees in foreign countries, particularly in Pakistan, this article will be the perfect guide for you. 

Why Hire Pakistani Employees? 

Pakistani employees are hard working and dedicated. Therefore, they always take on the responsibilities assigned to them in the best manner possible. Moreover, Pakistani people are quite fluent in English. Therefore, the companies from the US can take them on board and not have to worry about training them or coming up with a way to fill up a communication gap. Pakistani employees can write, read, understand and speak English quite fluently. 

Another perk of hiring employees from Pakistan is the reduced cost. Pakistan is still an underdeveloped country. Therefore, the economy needs support. The exchange rate between US dollars and Pakistani Rupees is quite significant. This allows companies in the US to take employees from Pakistan on board within an affordable and economical manner. 

Last but not the least, the people of Pakistan are very loyal. They have a positive energy and vibe. Their dedication and persistence allows them to take on any challenge without giving up. You will find Pakistani employees to be on their toes to grasp any learning opportunity which makes them a continuously growing and evolving valuable asset for the company they are working for. 

Hiring Employees From Pakistan - Background Information 

Considering the perks of hiring employees from Pakistan, many companies form the US are now looking to hire people from Pakistan. Due to the large number of people who are looking for jobs in Pakistan, finding the resources is quite easy. You will receive a large number of applications against a single vacancy as soon as you advertise. 

Therefore, the process of finding the employees is not an issue. Rather, the more important aspect is for the companies to have a basic understanding of Pakistan, the work culture and some regulations so that the employee on boarding can be made more convenient and simple. 


Pakistan is a country that contributes to around 2.83% of the world population. According to an estimate, the Paksitani population stands at 216.6 million people currently. The literacy rate in Pakistan is around 59 percent. This means that more than half of the population is literate. 

There are plenty of universities all around the country. Each year, the number of people graduating and finishing higher education comes out to be higher than the number of the previous year. The fact that Pakistani people are not only taking up jobs, but also acquiring scholarships to study in foreign institutions from all around the globe is also a proof of the fact that Pakistani population is quite educated and skilled. 


As already mentioned, Pakistani economy is not that stable. Therefore, US dollars convert to a handsome amount in Pakistani rupees. This is one of the reasons why people from Pakistan are always interested in gaining jobs in US companies. 

On average, a Pakistani Software engineer can make around $800 per month. But this is not a fixed salary. The salary can vary depending on the experience and the area of expertise of the employee. Another factor that can contribute to the change in salaries is the type of the employment contract. Part-time, project based or freelancers will surely cost more as compared to full time employees.

Other than the basic salary, the company also has to provide provident fund and annual bonuses depending on the performance of the employee. The company also has to take into account the local taxes as well and deduct the amount of the tax from the employee’s salary to be filed at the end of the fiscal year. The increments are also based on the company’s policy and can vary depending on the scope of the employer and the job role. 

International bank transfers, money transfer service providers and Payoneer are the common ways through which employees can be paid in Pakistan. Unfortunately, PayPal is not yet available in Pakistan but it is anticipated that this would be made available in the coming years. 

Time zone:

The GMT +5:00 time zone is followed in Pakistan. This means that there is roughly a difference of nearly twelve hours between the US and Pakistan. But since most companies hiring employees from other companies allow flexible working hours, this issue can easily be resolved and sorted. You can make use of time monitoring software's to keep an eye on the employee’s performance and meetings and other communication can be scheduled at an hour that is convenient for both the employee as well as the company. 

Working Culture:

There is no doubt about the fact that Pakistani people are amongst the most hard working people in the world. You will find them to be extremely friendly and open. They love sharing experiences and life anecdotes with each other. 

Moreover, they are extremely responsible and efficient. They remain dedicated to their employees therefore, they try to give every task their best and ensure that their roles and responsibilities are performed in the best manner possible.