Best Way To Hire Employees From Serbia In 2021

March 31, 2021

Companies have finally started to realize and embrace the perks of having a diverse team. Therefore, they are always looking to hire talented employees from all around the globe. 

Employees too are not aware of the perks of remote working. Therefore, they too are willing to take up jobs in foreign companies. The case with employees from Serbia is no different. They are also in search of job opportunities that allow them to work with international and multinational companies. 

If you are also a recruiter or company representative who is looking for some Serbian employees for their work force, rest assured that you are making an excellent choice. To help you on board talented Serbian employees with ease, e we have compiled a comprehensive guide that will help you throughout the process. 

Why Hire Employees From Slovenia?

There are so many countries around the globe. So why should you choose to hire employees from Serbia? There are several reasons why hiring employees from Serbia should be your preference. 

People from Serbia are hardworking and dedicated. Plus they have extensive knowledge and are highly skilled as well. Therefore no matter what the job role, they make an excellent addition.

Moreover they have a very open personality which allows them to become a part of the team with ease. They are extremely friendly and are excellent team players. You will find them to be humble and polite. And their professional attitude is also great. They are punctual and you will always find them to be honest and dedicated with their work. 

Hiring Employees From Serbia -Background Information:

When you plan to hire employees from Serbia, it is important for you to be aware of some things and facts in advance. This will allow you to go ahead with the recruitment process with ease and facilitate both you are well as the employees:


Finding employees from Serbia is not a tedious task. This is because there is a huge disparity in the ratio of job seekers to the available jobs in the country. With a population of approximately 7 million, there are more people who are searching for jobs as compared to the available jobs. 

Therefore, companies always report that they receive an overwhelming response whenever they advertise a job for Serbia. And the resumes received are of extremely talented individuals who are a perfect match for the job. 

There are a handful of ways through which companies can advertise jobs and hire employees from Serbia. Moreover, other than full time employees, they can also take on board people on part time, project basis as well as as freelancers. You can advertise for the job opening on social media, post on job boards or even list the vacancy on the company website. 


Another reason why companies are happy to take Serbian employees on board is because of the economic conditions of Serbia. Serbia is a country that is still on the path to development. Therefore, their economy is not that strong or stable. Therefore, even when the companies pay Serbian employees well, hiring them still comes out to be a beneficial deal for them. 

When employees are hired from Serbia, they can be paid in dollars or in the local currency. This is a mutual decision that both the employee and the employers take with one another. A software engineer from Serbia can make around $24377 per year. But this salary estimate is not fixed and can vary greatly depending on a number of factors like the expertise of the workers, their experience, educational background as well as the type of contact and the job role. 


The time zone difference can be a huge hurdle for both the employees as well as the employers. This is especially true when employers are hiring remote working employees. The GMT+2 timezone is used in Serbia. 

Thankfully the followed time zone is quite close to the US timezone therefore companies don't have to deal with a lot of issues. Plus the employers also offer flexible working hours which does not bound the employees to ensure their presence and availability during a certain time period. Therefore the employees work as per their own convenience and are not bound to a specific time. 

General Regulations:

Other than the information such as the population and the salary expectations, it is also important for the companies and recruiters to be aware of the local employment regulations as well. 

Whenever a company wishes to hire employees from Serbia, they need to draft a contract of employment. The contract should clearly state all the terms and conditions of employment. The regulation binds the employees to write the terms and conditions in the local language. The information and details like the joining date, job role and responsibilities, duration of employment and perks and benefits need to be clearly mentioned on the contract. The signing of the contract is the depiction of mutual agreement between the employees and the employers. One copy of the contract is retained by the employers while the other copy should be provided to the employees for their records. 

The maximum duration of the contract b be around 24 months. But if the company is looking for a long term employee, they may sign a contract for a duration of up to 36 months. But the duration of the contract cannot exceed this duration at any cost. At the end of the contract duration, the employees and the employers may decide to part ways or renew the contract. 

Employees are also entitled to other perks and benefits like health insurance and travel insurance. Annual paid leaves, paid maternity and paternity leaves and bonuses are also facilities that the employers must provide to the Serbian employees at all costs.