Best Way To Hire Employees From Slovenia In 2021

April 14, 2021

Every company is interested in adding valuable resources to their workforce. The target is to find talented individual, who are up for challenges and can play an integral role in the growth and flourishing of the company. 

Up until a few years ago, companies would only take on board employees that were local and could work from the office premises. Thanks to the advent of technology and the introduction of remote working practices, companies from all around the globe are no longer afraid or reluctant about hiring employees from foreign countries. 

Slovenia is a popular choice for hiring employees. Companies are hiring employees from Slovenia because they are hardworking and dedicated. 

If you too are interested in taking on board employees from Slovenia, you should continue reading. Through this article, we will be sharing some background information as well as employment regulations that will help you on board employees from Slovenia in a smooth manner. 

Why Hire Employees From Slovenia?

Companies from all around the globe seem to be interested in taking on board employees from Slovenia. There are a handful of reasons behind why employees from Slovenia are so popular in the global job market. 

As already mentioned, when hiring any resource, the company’s goal is to find a person who is dedicated and prove to be a valuable asset for the organization. With a literacy rate of 99.45% , Slovenia is a region that is blessed with talented individuals. From labor to tech fields, you will be able to find employees that are hard working and ready to take on any challenge. 

The people of Slovenia not only have ample knowledge, but are also quite experienced. Therefore, they are an ideal choice for any job. They are also quite professional so they get along well with other team mates. Plus, you will also find them to be hungry for learning. Therefore, they will always be trying to bag opportunities to learn and grow further. This passion and dedication not only helps them excel in their own careers, but also means that the company gets an employee who is willing to stay on top of their game and put in any form of effort to be a fruitful asset for the employers. 

Hiring Employees From Slovenia -Background Information:

Before you go ahead and start the actual process of hiring employees from Slovenia, it is very important for your company to be aware of some factors about the Slovenian region. It is best to have some knowlegde about their population, salary expectations and also the local employment regulations:


At the moment, the population of Slovenia stands at nearly 2.081 billion. This number may not seem to be a lot, but considering the small area of the country, one can surely realize that Slovenia is a densely populated country. There is immense competition in the Slovenian job market. 

The imbalance in the number of jobs available to the number of people applying for the jobs has caused Slovenians to join international companies. Being a part of an international company surely comes with its own perks. The employees can reap the benefits of remote working and also get a chance to be a part of the leading work forces in the world. 

Therefore, people from Slovenia will jump at any job opportunity that will give them a chance to be a part of an international workforce. You will be amazed to see how many people will apply to the job as soon as it is posted. You will get a huge number of applicants and rest assured that some of them would prove to be an ideal and perfect fit for the jobs.   


The salary of the employees from Slovenia cannot be generalized. But people from Slovenia do get a huge advantage due to their expertise and skill level. Companies are always ready to have them on board and are not afraid of offering the employees from Slovenia a handsome salary package so that they can be retained. 

A software engineer from Slovenia can make around $32596 per year. But the salary is not fixed. It depends on the type of contract between the employee and the employer, the employee’s skill set and the rank of the job. Moreover, other than the salary, companies are also obligated to pay some other benefits for their employees. Some of these perks depend on the company culture while others are based on the local Slovenian employment regulations. 


The GMT +2 timezone is followed in Slovenia. There is a slight difference in the timezone of Slovenia and the US. But the difference spans only over a couple of hours so it surely is manageable. Plus, both the employees as well as the employers are willing to cooperate with one another and happily adjust the time zones. 

Most companies allow their employees to work remotely and enjoy flexible working hours. Arranging meetings, although, can be an issue at times but that too is managed by mutual agreement between the employees and the employers. Therefore, all in all, it can be rightfully stated that the difference in a timezone is not an issue for the employers as well as the employees from Slovenia and they agree to manage the working hours 

General Regulations:

The local Slovenian employee regulations provide a handful of perks for the employees from Slovenia. The companies are entitled to provide these benefits to their employees. The standard working schedule followed should not exceed 40 working hours per week. This comes down to a regular working day of around eight hours. 

Employees are also entitled to paid local holidays. These holidays mark the holidays that are observed locally in Slovenia and companies are obliged to pay the employees for these 13 holidays. But if the holidays naturally fall on a weekend, the employee is not entitled to a replacement. 

Other than the holidays, the employees are also entitled to a four-week vacation period on an annual basis. Leaves are also granted on the basis of seneiority and people who are disabled, nursing mothers and employees who have children are also granted special leaves to facilitate them.