Best Way To Hire Employees From Philippines In 2021

February 16, 2021

The year 2020 has been a rough year for everyone around the globe. But since everyone was forced to work from home, both companies and employees started to realize the perks of remote work. This led to companies moving towards hiring employees from all around the globe. The Philippines job board is also filled with vacancies looking for employees from the Philippines. 

There are many advantages of hiring employees from all around the globe. You can have a diverse working culture and the talent pool is not limited to a small number. Thanks to the technological tools and platforms, employees from the Philippines can easily communicate with their employers and work effectively even from miles away. 

Companies are interested in hiring employees from the Philippines, mainly because of the lower labor cost. You will be able to find hardworking and qualified employees from the Philippines for a fraction of the cost. Moreover, there are a lot of freelancers and part-time workers that are based in Philippines, therefore, finding workers will not be an issue at all. 

Why Hire Filipino Employees? 

You will find Filipino employees working in a lot of companies and mainstream businesses. This is because Filipinos are naturally hard-working and dedicated. Moreover, they are quite comfortable with the English Language and can speak, read, write and comprehend it very well. As a result, there is no communication gap between the employers and the employees from the Philippines. 

People from the Philippines are also intelligent and well trained. From laborious jobs to teaching, medical, customer dealing and even IT, you will find them pioneers in all aspects. 

Hiring Employees From Philippines - Background Information 

We have already shed light on why hiring employees from Philippines is recommended for the companies in the US. But the main question i.e. how to go ahead with the hiring still remains unanswered. 

Finding employees belonging to the Philippines is quite simple. You can list the job vacancy on your company website. But the better option would be to make use of a job board like Linkedin. Companies also get in touch with local hiring agencies in the Philippines for this purpose. These agencies advertise and hire employees for their clients and make the on boarding process smooth and efficient. 

If you need freelancers, you can make use of freelancing platforms where the professionals from the Philippines can directly reach out to you and can be taken on board via the platform itself. 

Other than the process, companies need to have some background information about the employment rules and general regulations from the Philippines in mind. Here is some information that will prove to be extremely valuable in this regard:


The Philippines is a moderately populated country that contributes to around 1.14% of the total world population. It is ranked at number 13 in the order of countries with respect to population. 

However, it is to be noted that the population in the Philippines is increasing at a very rapid rate. Therefore, the country has reached a stage where the jobs are limited but the applicants are a lot in comparison. This strong competition in the job market is why Filipinoes are attracted and interested in joining jobs offered by the US companies. 

This is why, finding employees from the Philippines is not an issue at all. You will be able to get a large number of applicants in response to your job posting. 


Paying employees from the Philippines should not be an issue at all. There are plenty of international money transfer channels as well as bank transfers that can be used to send money to the Philippines. Moreover, the payroll system in the Philippines is quite simple to that in the US. 

One of the differences that has to be specially mentioned is the frequency of payment. Filipino companies pay their employees on a bi-monthly basis i.e. twice a month. The companies in US, on the other hand, follow a monthly salary system. This is a point that you should discuss with your employee in advance and reach a mutual agreement. 

Other than the basic salary, the company employing the Filipino can also offer other benefits like yearly or bi-yearly bonuses, medical coverage, insurance, and salary increments. All of these payments can easily be managed even when the employee is working on a remote basis. 

If you have to provide any equipment to the employee, that can also be managed via a money transfer. Rather than shipping the equipment like a machine or laptop to your employee in the Philippines, it is best to transfer the money and have the employee arrange whatever is needed locally. Or if you wish to send the material, you can always make use of the e-commerce platforms and opt for that option as well. 

The currency of the salary can be discussed between the employee and the employer. The local Philippines currency is pesos, but the majority of the employees from the Philippines have no issues even if they are in US dollars. 

Time zone:

The Philippines operate in the GMT +8 time zone. And the average working schedule for employees from the Philippines is eight hours per day. Most companies have to pay the employees in case of overtime. The overtime payment depends on the company policies and the clause of the contract that is signed between the employee and the company. 

According to the local labor calendar, the employees are entitled to a total of five paid holidays per year. These leaves include casual as well as sick leaves. If by the end of the year, the employee has not utilized the leaves, they have to be encased by the employer. 

Other than these five leaves, the US companies also have to consult the local calendar and take into account the local holidays and special non-working days. These leaves and holidays also have to be provided to the employees from the Philippines. 

Working Culture:

The Philippines is an educated country. The people here are quite dedicated. The fact that their education system and the payroll system is quite similar to that of the US is a perk as it makes the Filipinos a great candidate for jobs in the US companies. 

Filipinos are always responsible and committed to their jobs. They are open people who love to engage and share their experiences. Hence, there is no reason why you should not be looking for people from the Philippines to add to your workforce.