A guide to creating an optimal remote workspace from scratch

September 27, 2021

If you do not have an encouraging workspace, then you won't feel motivated while working remotely. The remote culture is now activated all across the globe and companies are forced to transform their entire operational infrastructure to a totally remote environment amid this, the companies, as well as the employees, face potential challenges when it comes to shifting to the remote environment. It is therefore important to build an optimal remote workspace from scratch. 

Technology however took over certain operations and tasks that could help you work remotely. Some collaboration tools and your expertise can help you work remotely. Before anything, you must discipline yourself with your workspace. Make your home office setup checklist to get to know what makes an amazing work from home office setup for you.

From your desk to chair and all the other equipment you need to do work, make sure you design your work setup in such a way that you don't miss your office. 

Your workspace should be the one that boosts your energy while working and that motivates you even in the environment where you don't have your colleagues around you. So first, describe your home office setup to yourself. This will help you determine what you actually want in your workspace. Then, check for some best home office desk setup ideas that play a part in keeping you fresh and motivated all the time. Below is a guide that could help you set up your workspace according to your work activities and needs in a remote environment.

Find Your Workspace

If you have enough space at home, it is better to convert it into a separate work space. So the very first thing for you to work remotely is to find a workspace that is dedicated for you to work instead of sitting in the living room or bedroom. Find the best place at home that can serve as your work setup. Some workers that are new to remote work often struggle with the kids, pets, roommates, and some distractions at home. 

To mitigate these challenges, the best way is to find a dedicated place for yourself where you could easily balance your work life and entertainment life. It is also important to focus on your core tasks and not end up giving extra time to complete them at the end of the day.

Try to avoid deciding on a workplace where people often walk around and congregate in the TV area and kitchen. One of the home office setup ideas is that you find a peaceful place where you have less distractions and sufficient privacy to attend your zoom meetings and calls without any background noise. Doesn't matter even if you have a very small space, you can even have the best desk setup for two monitors for you that increases your work productivity and isolation to focus.

Lighting that Increases your Work Productivity 

It is always important to focus on the lighting of the room you are working in. You are supposed to spend some 8 to 9 hours in one light and that should be comfortable for your eyes and mind. Natural light is the best option to have when you are working from home. When it comes to increasing productivity at work, natural light helps you decrease drowsiness. If you don't have access to natural light, you can set your desk light to a natural one. This is your responsibility to have the best home office setup for productivity. 

Keep Your Workspace Clean and Organized

Your workplace productivity is often affected due to the cluttered desk. One of the important things to remember to have the best desk setup for home office is that the more organized your setup is, the more your work productivity will be.

When the desk is cluttered, it becomes very difficult to find the things and arrange them when you need them. And it becomes very difficult to have them when you need them immediately and you look here and there to get them, but it tends to waste so much of your time. To avoid this inconvenience, it is always better to organize your desk before you get started on the work.

It is one of the best tips to work from home.

A neat and clean workspace always motivates you to work without any distraction and makes access easy to each and everything that is present and is actually required to be on your desk.

When a workspace is clean, it also helps you reduce anxiety and stress. It is therefore important to know how you can arrange your desk and declutter your workspace. The very first thing is that you reduce the use of paper. And instead of physical material like papers, you can use high-end home office productivity tools, such as Evernote or Google Drive, etc, to keep all your notes organized, as well as saved on the drive.

You can access the documents with one click. For this, you do not need to run here or there or waste your time finding the document you want immediately. All the documents whether it would be a Word file, a Google sheet, a spreadsheet, or any folder, you can easily access on your computer and make edits without any delay. This saves much of your time, as well as keeps your workspace neat and clean.

Secondly, always keep the things you need regularly while working. The stuff such as your mouse, your charger, your mobile phone, notepads, and headphones, etc. could be kept organized on your desk.

Colors and Greenery

Colors always play a vital role in freshening your mood. Similarly, when it comes to your work productivity, it is very important that you have the colors around you that could impact your mood and work productivity. Surround yourself with the greens and blues that could help you increase your productivity and help you work peacefully. We are always motivated towards work when the stuff around us calms us. It actually has a major role in giving you more hands at work. So make sure that your workspace is giving you the good vibes that can actually help you to work happily in a remote environment

Place some green plants around your desk or table, put some photo frames and colorful pieces of art that you have made. Choose the best home office layout for productivity and make a setup in your house that serves the purpose of ultimate work culture and vibe. It will not only help you focus on core activities and tasks but also motivate the team members with your energy level. Make your work from home more exciting and productive with these simple yet affordable ideas. 

Drink Plenty of Water

While working remotely, you are constantly sitting in one place and so it is important to keep yourself very hydrated. Even mild dehydration can affect your work. In men, it results in a decrease in cognitive performance whereas, in women, it degrades your mood. So make sure to java a water bottle with you all the time you are working and drink it often.

You have to find a bottle in which your water remains hot or cool accordingly and you do not have to visit the kitchen again and again to have it. Put one big bottle on your table to use throughout the day. You can also add some fruits or vegetables to it to make it a refreshing drink for yourself.

Focus on your Ergonomics

Remote workers usually spend more time and work for longer hours. Amid so, at least 6 to 9 hours are spent every day. During excessive work and sitting, it is important to focus on your ergonomics as well. Sitting for hours on a desk and table can affect the muscles of your back, neck, and shoulders so make sure that you keep yourself physically fit during remote work. 

It is important for you to have a suitable setup. Choose the best chair and table for yourself where you are supposed to spend a significant amount of time on a daily basis. Choose a chair that has solid lumbar support and the desk is also according to your height. Your chair should be adjustable in height so that you could balance it according to your desk height. 

Adjust your mouse and laptop in such a way that you could naturally see forward. Your neck should not bend while working, sit straight to keep your back straight all the time. You can go and choose the best work from home essentials. Not only this, you need to have some home office productivity tools that could help you work seamlessly and automatically in certain activities.

This article gives an answer to a very common question, how to make home office more productive? So set up a home office for remote work now by following the given guidelines.