Best google remote jobs You Can Find these Days

August 26, 2021

COVID-19 has changed the way businesses used to work. The rapid transformation of the operational infrastructure by businesses to the remote environment has become a trend now. Whether they are startups, small or medium businesses, remote jobs, and work-from-home has become a new normal. Businesses are posting jobs on their sites where they can get resumes of candidates directly. Moreover, some online recruitment sites are posting Google fully remote jobs and Google part-time remote jobs. The sites allow you to create an account, give details, and find jobs that match your expertise. Not only this, but you can also subscribe to their newsletter to get the relevant jobs in your email every day or on a weekly basis. 

Organizations now understand that the lockdown situation might not get very stable and therefore they are offering remote working opportunities to the candidates not only from the country but all across the globe. The software outsourcing companies are also looking for cost-effective development solutions that provide the same quality of work but at less cost. Such challenges are ongoing but their ongoing solution is remote hiring of IT teams and talented candidates from all over the world. 

Some of the Google jobs with remote work that are normally always available on recruitments sites are:

  • Google remote jobs customer service
  • Google cloud engineer remote jobs
  • Google analytics remote jobs
  • Google IT support remote jobs
  • Remote Google admin jobs
  • Remote project manager jobs google
  • Remote graphic design jobs Google\Google remote support jobs

Some other remote jobs with Google where you can apply according to your academic background and industrial experience are:

Field Sales Representative

Field Sales Representative jobs are often seen that are available in both full-time and part-time candidates. Some sites also post Google work from home jobs free where you can find this job. The responsibility of a field sales representative includes helping the customers with the seamless transformation of their business through a wide network, web-scale data centers, and a strong software infrastructure. Their responsibility also includes the leading of account strategies and opportunities management throughout the cycle. 

Regional Lead, Statutory Compliance

This job is often posted for the candidates who are willing to do or are looking for a part-time job. The responsibility of a regional lead includes building frameworks that align well with the needs of the company, build strong relationships, and monitor the performance of team members in an effective way. The ultimate purpose is to maintain discipline and employ a systematic approach towards compliance.

Enterprise Account Executive

This job is available for candidates who are looking for both full-time and part-time jobs. Enterprise Account Executives can work remotely. Their responsibility includes telecommunication. They are supposed to develop accounts and ensure maintenance of qualified customers, and build strong relationships with them. For this job, the candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree and at least ten years of experience in account management. The experience however varies according to the seniority of the position.

Technical Account Manager

The need for technical account managers has increased in the pandemic. Businesses operating in the digital environment need people with technical expertise for efficient management of accounts. The responsibility of a technical account manager includes the establishment of maintenance of relationships with stakeholders and the business executives. Also, they should manage the Google Cloud Platforms and G Suite accounts on which there are accounts of all the employees, teams, and sometimes upper management as well.

Solutions Architect

This is often posted as a 100% remote and full-time job. A solutions architect is responsible for the identification and qualification of the opportunities trends that could benefit the company. A solutions architect develops strategies that help solve complex technical situations. They also help perform the tasks that are needed for the purpose of technical development. 

Sales Engineer

The job of a sales engineer is remote and full-time for the candidates applying for it. However the requirements might change with time, but the standard ones are mentioned below. 

A sales engineer is responsible for the development of a strategy that could play a part in resolving technical problems. They are supposed to manage the products and the solution briefing for the clients. One most important thing for them to take into consideration is to maintain strong customer relationships to increase the chances of onboarding potential clients. 

Other responsibilities of a sales engineer include prototype integrations, products demonstrations to the clients, presentations, and delivering the product messaging.

Entry-Level Google Jobs

Below are some Google remote jobs entry level. Many of you ask, does Google have remote jobs? So, there is a list of Google remote jobs with no experience or very little educational background that you might see on the sites.

Data Entry Associate

A data entry associate has the reasonability of entering the critical information of an organization in a formatted way. The data should follow a specific format, with accurate information. He should have experience with managing multiple files, making changes in existing files, calculation and formulas of Microsoft Excel that are mostly used in data entry operations.

Entry Level Software Developer

Most of the time companies post jobs for entry-level software developers that are not required to have years of experience but should have a similar educational background to understand the concepts. An entry-level software developer has the responsibility of designing and developing mobile and web applications. They need to have the knowledge of important concepts for scalability and security to implement them in work.

Data Entry Supervisor 

This comes in 100% remote jobs and requires the candidate to have already worked in a remote environment. The supervisor should have managed the teams and monitored them closely to ensure the work is done according to the requirements. 

Data Entry Specialist

It is an entry-level remote job that you will find massive in many recruitment sites. The startups and small businesses used to post this job in which they do not ask for a very strong educational background but look for high-level communication skills. The candidates should also have knowledge and experience with working in Microsoft Excel and Word. Most importantly they should know the nitty-gritty details of Excel to enter the data in the format the company required.

Market Research Recruiter

It is becoming one of the most demanding jobs nowadays. The market research recruiter is responsible for performing the market research of some products and services that a company is willing to launch. Proper research helps get the loopholes and challenges so that they need to be tackled beforehand and the competition in the market could be identified. 

Customer Solutions Specialist 

A customer solutions specialist uses a number of tools such as Google meet, JIRA, Slack, and confluence, etc. to ensure that the customer gets the best solution to their issues without wasting much time. 

Jr. WordPress Designer

It is a remote job in which a Junior Web Designer understands the core principles of website projects, their deliverables, quality, and graphics.

Jr. Graphic Designers

The startups always look for suitable options for their designing work and for that purpose they prefer hiring junior graphic designers that could help them with all the design work. For marketing purposes as well as for UI/UX design, the need for graphic designers is increasing in the advertisement world.

Jr. Content Writer

The need for a content writer in advertisements, documentation, product descriptions, and requirement document is always there. Whether it is a startup or an enterprise, a content writer is a must resource to give brand awareness and fulfill the requirement of software to rank them on the search engines. Remote and full-time jobs for content writers are always present and you can search for them on the websites as well as the recruitment sites. Companies are now preferring hiring remote freelance writers as well from anywhere in the world.

Jr. Production Associate 

It is a remote and entry-level job. A junior production associate is responsible for ensuring efficient communication with the coworkers using seamless communication channels such as Asana, Slack, and Zoom. Moreover, they should be experts in email marketing.

Effective and efficient communication with remote coworkers, expertly leveraging email, Slack, 

Jr. Site Editor

A site editor has the responsibility of advertisement and generation of traffic on the website. He tracks the entire activity on the website. It is an entry-level job in which the site editor keeps on monitoring the website traffic, analyzes statistics, site visits, site health, campaign management, and monitoring.

Email Marketing Specialist

It is one of the entry-level jobs that you might see on recruitment sites very often. The role of an email marketing specialist is to grasp the attention of the customers whose email list is given to you. You need to approach them to give them awareness about your products, manage relationships with them, and try every best option to get leads from the emails.