How to pay foreign contractors in Taiwan

July 6, 2021

Taiwan has a dynamic capitalist economy and many 1099 employees along with independent contractors can work remotely from Taiwan. Working as an independent contractor in Taiwan for a US company is very common these days. Paying wages to overseas employees in Taiwan is done through a variety of methods. Payments to foreign contractors for services are done by an independent contractor payment schedule in Taiwan. Hiring independent contractors in Taiwan is done by determining the independent contractor salary of the 1099 employees, and contractors. 

Paying employee cash legally in Taiwan:

Paying independent contractors in Taiwan is mostly done by remittance services. However, paying independent contractors in cash in Taiwan also occurs to avoid payroll and the company’s taxes. The employee cash can be sent legally to Taiwan by considering the Taiwan labor laws assigned for working remotely. Independent contractor payment rights in Taiwan are also supervised by Taiwan labor laws. The hiring of independent contractors in Taiwan is done through an independent contractor agreement of Taiwan to establish an independent contractor-employee relationship. The independent contractor payment schedule is defined by the payment terms and rights.

Income taxes:

The income taxes are paid under the PAYE (Pay As You Earn). Income taxes in Taiwan are in the range of 5% to 45%. The Independent contractor payroll for Taiwan is calculated according to the Taiwan independent contractor salaries. Payments to foreign contractors for services tax involve rules of filing taxes of the 1099 employees and foreign contractors. 

Taiwan currency, language and contractor’s upfront:

Paying independent contractors hourly in Taiwan has also gained popularity because a large number of software developers working remotely from the country usually use the English language for dealings rather than their native language. Freelancers or 1099 employees working overseas can be paid after the job is completed. However, some projects may demand 50% of the payment before starting the job to buy necessary supplies. The contractor upfront in Taiwan should be paid for a maximum of 33% or 50% of the total cost upfront. Independent contractor payment rights of the Taiwan 1099 employees and contractors are protected by the companies through which the contractors are linked.

A large number of software developers working remotely from the country usually use the English language for dealings rather than their native language Mandarin Chinese. The currency of Taiwan is New Taiwan Dollar. However, the exchange rate of USD with the New Taiwan Dollar is 27.90. The average salary of a Taiwan independent contractor is CNY 327,438. The average salary for a Software Developer is CNY 221988 in Taiwan. 

Remittance services available in Taiwan:

Payments to foreign contractors for services are an important task for working remotely in Taiwan. Paying independent contractors in cash in Taiwan is common to avoid the tax specifications for both employees and clients.

US companies paying foreign employees usually use the services of various remittance services for paying wages to overseas employees in Taiwan. Following are some remittance services paying independent contractors in Taiwan:

  1. Xend pay:

Freelancers get paid overseas through xend pay. It provides the best low-cost global money transfer service and fast payments on selected currencies. Xend pay can be used for paying independent contractors and 1099 employees safely and securely. Being a member of the SWIFT banking network, it provides delivery in 24-48 hours. It charges $24.83 via banks with an exchange rate of $7.32. You can get paid internationally without a fee through Xend pay. 

  1. Western Union:

Western Union is another method for paying salaries in Ukraine. Price Estimator Tool of Western Union helps to calculate remittance fees. Foreign contractor salaries can be received in minutes to days through Western Union. The application helps in the simplification of money transfers. Agents are present all over the country that makes cash payments and pickups convenient.

  1. OFX:

Paying independent contractors through direct deposit is another frequently used method by creating an OFX account. After choosing the bank checks are required to process Pay to the Order of drop-down arrow. After selecting the option for independent contractors transfer date is entered. The amount is entered and the Pay Online method is verified. It provides transfers without a fee along with competitive exchange rates. The total cost for transfer with OFX would be 6.41 USD.
  1. PayPal:

PayPal is a renowned money transferring company to pays remote workers in Taiwan. The company fee is comparatively higher than other remittance services in Taiwan. However, the method is faster, reliable, and provides a high level of security. Because of its excess number of facilities, a large number of 1099 employees and overseas contractors are already using the service to get paid from international clients. The transfer fee for $95 is $20 with a $75 exchange rate mark-up. 15.85 USD would be charged if payments are made through PayPal rather than OFX (i.e. 6.41 USD). The contractor pays can be delivered on the same day along with Mass Payment Tool for paying employee cash legally in Taiwan.

  1. Wise:

Wise International Payment is the best way to get paid internationally. Fast transfers in up to 2 days of contractor pays can be done through the channel along with low remittance cost i.e. $0.51 with an exchange rate of 27.3300. A flat fee rate of 6.13 USD + 2.31% of the amount is added. The service provides a high level of security and accepts credit and debit cards. The tool called Wise Batch Payment helps foreign countries to pay multiple salaries in Taiwan in one go. However, the recipient can not track the transaction statuses.

  1. Remitly:

Remitly is a cost-effective, and safe method of paying salaries to employees in Taiwan. It also provides transfers over $1000 without a fee. Economy transfer service deposits contractor pays within 3-5 days. However, Express transfer supports instant delivery. The fee for transfers below $1000 is $3.99 and a 3% remittance fee is charged on card payments. The company also provides promotional packages for new customers.

  1. World Remit:

World Remit also provides a reliable service of paying wages to independent contractors in Taiwan. The transactions can be made through credit cards, debit cards, or mobile applications. It provides facilities for bank transfer, cash pickup, and airtime top-up. The transfer costs are very low at best exchange rates. The transfer fee is $3.99 which can increase to $24.99 for various currencies.
  1. Skrill:

Working as an independent contractor in Taiwan for a US company is very common these days. Foreign contractors can be paid online through Skrill without relying on any bank. It provides instant money transfer services in Taiwan with a high degree of convenience and security. Global payments are free through Mastercard and Visa cards. The bank withdrawal fee is 5 USD. 3.99% fee is applied as the foreign exchange rate.