How to Set Up a More Productive Remote Workspace

September 14, 2021

In the past two years, we have seen significant shifts of the standards offices to virtual workspace as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some organizations have created and adopted remote work policies for employees and employers to ensure organized operational infrastructure. The purpose is to keep the work environment and workflow shameless enough to ensure the business performance unaffected. Also, a surge could be seen in work from home jobs. Companies, during the pandemic, are posting part-time work-from-home jobs and hiring remote developers, engineers, QA specialists, designers, and content writers. 

There are certain work-from-home strategies for companies. It is critically important for all to follow to ensure a healthy work environment for employees. On one hand, working from home benefits employees. On the other hand, it comes up with potential challenges that come in the way of learning and growth of the employees. When you are working in a remote working environment you find that your learning has got a pause as you do not make regular discussions with your colleagues anymore. 

Potential Challenges faced by Remote Employees

The employees that used to work at home face the following challenges:

  • It becomes difficult to make and follow a schedule every day, freshen up, and attend meetings.
  • An unstable internet connection can cause delays in work and kick you out of important meetings.
  • Some employees say that their constant learning has got affected as a result of remote work due to a lack of discussion with colleagues.
  • There are so many distractions when you are working remotely from home. It becomes difficult to maintain the same quality of work if you do not handle them efficiently.
  • Lack of communication might not produce the desired outcomes.
  • The workspace does not give you the feel of an office that can affect your productivity at work.
  • Unstable internet connection comes in the way of seamless communication with the team.

Set up Productive Remote Workspace

Your workspace gives you the ultimate motivation to work and deliver. It should be organized in such a way that it suits your mood. Your workspace plays a vital role in delivering the high-quality work your employers are expecting. The reason is that you are in the comfort zones that align with your mind and give you an atmosphere that is best for you to think, innovate, and execute.

  1. Neat, Clean, and Organized Workspace

So the very first work from home tips 2021 is to keep the workspace neat, clean, and organized. Make sure you have everything that you need while working. Whether it is a writing pad, a pen, a computer charger, a mobile charger, extra wires, or anything else. Keep all the clutter out and organize it in such a way that your workspace is clear from any mountain of papers, dirty dishes, or extra stuff that does not belong to you. Such a messy workspace would never motivate you towards work and ultimately it affects the overall productivity.

From that, you would either feel distracted or spend too much time cleaning it. Make your own rules for a clean and well-organized workplace that motivates you and feels like your office. Make sure to have your workspace away from your living area or kitchen. A room in some corner is the best choice for your work.

  1. Desk Setup should be Aligned

The second working from home tip for productivity is to keep your desk always aligned with what you need. One of the very first things is that you align your desk according to your height. Using a dining table or some random one could give birth to health issues. You immediately need to upgrade it according to your comfort. If your desk has a greater height than yours, then your shoulder will remain elevated throughout the day. Due to this, you might start having back pain or neck issues. Similarly, with a desk that is too low, you could have painful strains occasionally. To avoid any such issues, the best way is to find a desk that suits your height. Also, your chair should be very comfortable. A really good chair is the one that supports your back and is highly adjustable according to the height of your table. Your chair plays a critical role in increasing productivity at work. So while setting up your workspace, make sure that your chair is as comfortable as it could be.

  1. Office Equipment of High-Quality

To keep your workspace exactly as your office, it is important to invest in some high-quality office equipment. Working from home might be frustrating for you and the ultimate reason is that you are away from the working atmosphere of your office. So first you would have to search for the best options that suit your budget and meet your needs. It is one of the must working from home best practices 2021 that asks you to have high-quality equipment for yourself that gives you the ultimate vibes of your office.

So below is the checklist to follow:

  • Get a high-speed internet
  • Upgrade your computer table and chair
  • Headset and speakers
  • Desk lights

All this equipment does not only provide you comfort but the need for seamless video conferencing and meetings get fulfilled. For instance, if you are joining meetings without microphones, the noise around you can disturb the participants and your entire communication. You also could not hear your fellows clearly without it. So for painless meetings, one of the tips for working from home effectively is to go and get a high-quality microphone and headset.

  1. Stable Internet Connection

One of the tech tips for working from home is to have a stable internet connection. High-speed internet is all you need as a remote worker. It is a key step for setting up a home office for remote work. The reason is that your internet connection is something that connects you with your team. For any discussion, meeting, research and to fulfill all your work needs, internet connection plays a critical role. To make sure that your productivity is intact throughout, your internet connection should always be at high speed.

Look for internet service providers that are considered best in your area. One tip is to always have a backup in case one service is unavailable or the internet connection is poor. The meetings can only be successful with a stable internet connection. Your meetings and calls are something that defines your goals for the day and weeks. They should be seamless to get the tasks on your plate, understand the progress of the projects, and know what the other team member is doing. 

Other than seamless communication channels, your internet connection should provide full support when you are on call. Some employees feel the backlash from the human resource department when they appear offline on the channel. The actual reason is that your internet connection is so poor that it shifts your status to offline whereas you are working constantly. To avoid such issues, upgrade your internet services. Not only this, while doing excessive research, you require high-speed internet. In case of any discrepancy, you might not be able to complete the tasks of your day and your performance could suffer.

  1. Productivity Apps

In increasing digitization and the world full of technology, lookout for ways that can automate your regular tasks. For instance, the tasks that you used to do on a daily basis can be done by any third-party productivity tool or apps. There are many apps available in the market that act as an innovative solution to your daily problems. Some include Asana, Trello, Jira, etc. These apps play a vital role in increasing your productivity at work. You can save much of your time and effort by downloading them into your PC. For instance, some data management apps, reminders, meeting schedulers, content tracking, project management, and many similar apps help you do work efficiently. 

When your files and data are organized, it becomes easy to find the one you are looking for. Whereas when they are present in some mess, it becomes tedious to look for them and consume much of your important time when the deadline is on your head.

Not only this, project management apps are fully featured that come up with many other third party tools that help you with daily tasks. You can employ them to a greater extent and ensure nuanced productivity at home. When your data, browsers, profiles, and projects are managed efficiently, you save much time and use it on tasks that actually need your attention.

With these productivity tips and tricks to set up your workspace, you can get maximum in less time.  Make your remote work fun by organizing it in such a way that it fulfills the actual purpose. So power up yourself with these amazing tips that can make remote work much more exciting.