10 Best Remote Jobs You Can Find In Los Angeles

April 29, 2021

Los Angeles has one of the most lively thrift in the world and because of high economic structures, Los Angeles provides various opportunities for remote jobs to the people. Jobs of developer, translator, content writers, online marketers, and social media managers are considered some of the best remote jobs in LA. The year 2020-21 has experienced Covid-19 shutdowns due to which remote employment has been increasing in LA. Various platforms are available online that contribute to work from home jobs in Los Angeles. Hirewithtogether is a US-based website that hires remote workers and is considered as an excellent podium for entry-level remote-jobs, no experience remote-jobs, data entry, and data science remote jobs in LA. Huge companies such as Amazon have also been providing remote jobs in software and web development, customer services, and technical support. Indeed is also a preferred soapbox that provides opportunities for remote office jobs in LA.

Jobs in California:

Software applications and web developers, nurse practitioners, marketing specialists, information security analysts, and statisticians are some high-demand jobs in California. Whereas, wind turbine technicians, web developers, and statisticians are some fastest-growing jobs in California Architectural technologists, interior, production, and spatial designers, town planners, and building surveyors are some architectural jobs available in California. Data scientists, software and web developers, information security analysts, and computer system analysts are some popular tech jobs available in California. Among all, data scientists, software engineers, and graphic designers are some easy and high-paying remote jobs in LA and California.

Remote jobs allow employees to work exterior to traditional office mediums. Instead of computing and analysis on the office desks, a remote employee accomplishes his tasks or projects at any location and at any time. A slight difference exists between remote jobs and works from home jobs i.e. a remote worker can work anywhere except the office.

LA has rapidly growing industries with an outstanding economic structure. The trade and manufacturing industries have also been progressing immensely. A skilled workforce and novel business services have made Los Angeles the creative capital of the nation. The reports of 2015-16 have shown a rise in employment at 1.57% in the management, sales, business, and hospitality centers. 


How to find remote jobs in Los Angeles?

With the propagation of the novel coronavirus, remote jobs have been becoming new normal in Los Angeles. The region has developed many platforms to provide remote job facilities to the candidates. https://www.hirewithtogether.com/ is a leading online website through various US-based companies that hires remote employees throughout the world. Through the website, the administrators link to the software developers globally. Consequently, talent-based selection can be done and the highest grades employees can be recruited. Recruitment from all over the world gives rise to healthy competition as well.


The company has two major benefits i.e. because of the higher currency of the US dollar, individuals are likely to work with them together team and remote functioning of the employees that provide them with location and time flexibilities. This results in quality work and employee retention. Builtinla is another vast platform offering remote jobs in Los Angeles. Thousands of job opportunities for data analytics, data scientists, legal operations, sales, and management are posted frequently through the podium.

Remote jobs offered in Amazon:

Amazon has also started recruiting remote workers due to Covid-19 shutdowns and increased sales in the second quarter of 2020. Amazon has planned to hire 33,000 remote employees with higher wages for the departments of advertisements, marketing, sales, operations, merchant development, logistics, online data entry, and software development.


Best remote jobs offered in Los Angeles:

 Many jobs can be accomplished remotely. Notably, many of the jobs available in LA belong to information technology and digitalization. Most jobs demand a four-year professional course and assure a promising career. Another advantage of working remotely is that it has lowered the unemployment rates in the pandemic plight. The best remote jobs in Los Angeles are:

Software developers:

As long as the professionals have an access to connectivity and computer systems they can work from any location. The profession is ranked at the top by the US News and World Record. This is because of the strong salary structure and considerable growth in the software businesses.


Software developers are in high demand because they are creating web software and applications for both business and personal use. Candidates having a Bachelors's degree are eligible to get enrolled in the software development market with an average salary of $103,620 per annum.

IT managers: 

IT managers are considered as information systems and computer specialists and earn an average salary of $142,530 in the LA. Individuals with a Bachelors's degree can introduce, examine and execute technology contrives. Because of this IT specialists are exclusively hired by different business firms and agencies in LA to ensure that the computer systems are doing well. Advancements in the field have developed remote project management tools such as Asana, and Basecamp. Both management and entry-level jobs can be done remotely.


The profession is expected to grow in the coming years because of huge data generation in healthcare, education, business, and research domains. They are experts in compiling and analyzing data which could be done remotely. Companies hire remote employees with a Master's degree and good problem-solving skills. The average salary offered to a statistician is $87,780.


The average salary offered to a mathematician is $101,900 and a Master’s degree is required for recruitment. Mathematicians work similarly to statisticians. They work by generating ideas and formulae to solve the problems governed by different businesses which can be accomplished at home. It has been noted that mathematicians are also hired for governmental projects and depending on their scale they may work solely or with a team of engineers. 

Database administrator:

Individuals with a Bachelors' degree are offered a mean salary of $90,070. They work analogous to IT professionals and assure the safety and security of the organization’s information. Cloud computing services have made database activities be accomplished over the internet. Thus, remote management can also be performed.


Web developers:

Web developers with a median salary of $69,430 in Los Angeles can work remotely from any location if there is a satisfactory connection. Almost, 16% of the software developers in LA are self-employed and are not associated with any official premises. Working remotely provides several benefits due to which web page and layout designing, monitoring of traffic, and coding activities are increasing from home.

Marketing managers:

Individuals with Bachelors's degree are eligible to perform their tasks from home by using accurate project management tools. By using the tools, they can monitor teams, competitor strategies, and client requirements. Because of increased usage of marketing tools, and skills through digital and linear modes the wages offered to the marketing managers have also been increased to $134,290.


Young individuals require a Bachelors's degree to get enrolled as an accountant and like software developers can be self-employed. They are responsible for activities such as developing tax forms and executing financial records which can be carried out comfortably from home. The average salary offered to an accountant is $70,500.

Computer system analyst:

Individuals with a Bachelors's degree in computer sciences may get a remote job as a computer analyst. They accomplish the computer-related needs of a business firm with specific tools. They also modify existing computer systems, their hardware, and software components at a median salary of $88,740.

Graphic designers:

Graphic designers can work remotely at an average salary of $49,626 by designing visual images, videos, and graphics for a company. These graphics and videos can be utilized for print and digital marketing services, developing logos, and creating illustrations.

All the jobs listed above are some easy remote jobs available in LA. Among these IT managers, software developers, mathematicians, and marketing managers are some highly paid jobs in LA. 

According to US news, the top-ranking 5 careers are:

  1. Physician assistant
  2. Software developer
  3. Nurse practitioner
  4. Medical and health services manager
  5. Physician.

They are listed at the top because they are paid well, offer a sound work-life balance, provide a considerable extent of career advancements, and are not too stressful. Whereas, jobs of statisticians, web developers, field technicians, miners, and computer analysts are some jobs in demand in Los Angeles.

With the advancement of time and technology, more employees are required to perform the tasks efficiently. It becomes easier to accomplish the tasks remotely because of increased employee comfort and work time flexibility. Communication among the team members, subordinates, and managers is made through phone calls and messaging.

The skills of time management, empathy, problem-solving, digital technology usage, and oral communication are some of the only skills needed to perform remote jobs. Thus, the government and business entrepreneurs should introduce newer opportunities of remote working for young candidates. More marketplaces like Hire together should be designed because they are offering both in terms of comfort and money.