10 Tips to Succeed While Working Remotely as a Software Developer

September 19, 2021

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced companies to rapidly transform the entire infrastructure to remote environments. Employees with different roles found it hard to shift the entire process in a digital environment without affecting any performance. Remote work here on one hand plays a critical role to reduce the spread of the virus. On the other hand, it is quite challenging for employees to perform the operations without delay and with the same quality. There are certain things that need to be considered to maintain a working atmosphere at home. Managing a team remotely during COVID is a big deal today.

This article describes tips for managing remote employees and how you can use these tips to make your work from home more existing and productive. 

Scheduling is very Important

In remote work, one of the major challenges is that your team members are working from different locations and might have a significant difference in time zones. In this, it is critically important to schedule the meetings at the intersecting time that is suitable for both of you. If not employees, most of the time the clients belong to locations that have totally different time zones, and therefore the meetings and update calls should be scheduled at the proper time. The challenge of managing remote employees is that most often the difference in time zone introduces miscommunication. It could be eliminated by deciding and agreeing upon the time with team members and clients.

Advanced Tools

When it comes to managing remote workers’ toolkit, there are important things to consider. With technological advancements, remote work has become much easier. The technology addresses the potential challenges faced by remote workers. The leading remote teams are today successful because they take advantage of technology in their daily routine. Advanced tools are available that make remote work easier for software developers. Whether it comes to the tools they used for work, there are some other high-tech tools available that are easier for software developers to use. 

From seamless communication channels such as Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom to the data management tools such as Trello, Asana, and Jira, there are endless tools that give you more hands at work and contribute to your increased work productivity.


Your workplace matters a lot. Managing remote working teams’ best practices is to find a place that is free of any noise and disturbance. If you are looking for comfortable working hours that do not give any distractions in your work, you must look for the best place in your home. The place should be quiet that could help you focus on your work critically. Most importantly a peaceful place would help you take meetings without any noise. Successful communication and coding are only possible with a quiet place as a software engineer

Revamp the Procedures 

If you are feeling that your remote work is not yielding any results, you must think about your procedures. Reform the processes and ways you used to work. You need to have in place proper schedules and work that could help you with all the tasks in very efficient work. 

managing remote teams best practices is that you create very clear requirements and processes to keep productivity and accountability intact for your team members. When it comes to managing remote teams training, there should be strong and strict procedures that your team should follow. 

The reason is that discipline is critically important to ensure enhanced teamwork and productivity. This is how to work with remote developers. Conduct regular scrum calls to take updates from each developer so that each member in the team knows what tasks are pending and which are done. 

Plan Deliverables

To have a successful project, it is critically important to divide your project into small and big deliverables. When a project is delivered in small pieces, enjoy the success and make celebrations for it. These small steps are motivating for each team member. Moreover, the team should work on the deliverables in such a way that their quality is maintained and the project is delivered in time. The clients should be satisfied with each project delivery. One of the major benefits of dividing the project into small deliverables is that you do not need to make excessive revisions when a whole project is done. Any small changes could be done in the new deliverable instead of revising the whole module. 

Show Involvement 

Your involvement is the scale that measures the success of your project. The more you will show your involvement and interest in the project, the better you will be able to get the desired outcomes. It is very important to put your best effort into the project and handle each and every module well in the digital environment. As you are the initiator of the project, it is your responsibility to keep the team always motivated and initiate the online meetings. 

As a software developer, your involvement is very important to evolve and discuss new technologies that are now growing businesses exponentially. The increasing innovation is a challenge for each developer today so never let your learning stop in remote work. 

Give Constant Feedback

Feedback is very important in online work. When it comes to managing the remote software development team, feedback is very important. The software development team roles and responsibilities include providing constant feedback to your team to allow them to make improvements such that the quality should be maintained. 

Your constant feedback on a subject can help the team improve their methods and development procedure. Feedbacks help employees in their growth and learning as well. From that perspective, it is the duty of the team leader to provide team members the areas of improvement that can help them grow as well as contribute to the success of the project. 

Regular Updates

While working in a remote environment, it is critically important for each team member to be on the same page. for this, regular meetings and calls are very important. Every team should specify the number of times the calls or meetings are required in a day. 

Each meeting or call should have a specific purpose based on which the project is discussed. This would help in the development, designing, and testing of the project very seamlessly. Moreover, each member of the team would know what every other member is doing. Regular updates help you work in a highly collaborative manner and the deadlines could be met easily.

Build trust in the team

When you are working in a team the environment should be very comfortable. There are certain tasks that are only given to you. However, when one team member is missing and the project needs to be launched as decided earlier, the teamwork should be shown here. The other team members are responsible to distribute work in such a way that the launch could be done at the promised time. For this, it is critically important to build trust within the team. The team should be highly collaborative. Collaboration comes when you meet regularly with your team every morning on-call before getting started to work. When each team member knows the part of the other team member, it becomes easy to shift tasks from one to the other and the project could be done on time. 

Reward the Developers

As the team leader, it is your responsibility to reward the team members based on their hard work and dedication. The remote environment might be very productive fr some but it could be bing at the same time. When you know that team is working according to your instructions and motive, it is your duty to pay them accordingly. The appreciation starts from some good words and varies accordingly.  You can send some virtual wishes on the main communication channels by announcing the best ember of the month or you can also send gifts to the employees to their home. 

These simple gestures are very important as they do not only help appreciate the team but also motivate them to be happy in remote work and give their best ahead as well. Appreciation could work in a magical way, it builds a very strong relationship between the team and the team is always there to help you no matter even if it is a holiday. Always acknowledge the dedication and hardwork of the team you are working with.

To conclude, these ten steps have their own importance, it is crucially important to make your remote work more existing and productive by following the tips that work for you as well as for your team members. Give yourself time to learn in between the virtual working environment, help yourself with the best workspace that motivates you and take steps that could actually contribute to your increased productivity at work.