Top Places to Work Remotely in 2021

August 23, 2021

Remote work has become the new normal today. It is introduced by the huge companies in the United States and Europe that are now followed by other countries no matter if as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Flexibility is the ultimate beauty due to which employees love working remotely. You can have family time as well. No worries about commuting and waking up early in the morning. You are all set with an internet connection and a laptop/PC. However, some people like digital nomads still look for good places to do remote work peacefully. 

People have found amazing opportunities to find remote work and jobs from all across the world. For example, HireWithTogether is one site where you can find your dream remote job and then explore the best places for yourself to go and do work remotely. 

To fulfill this charm and calmness, this article highlights some best places to work remotely in the world and in the town. 

Spain - The Canary Islands

Spain is one of the places to go to work remotely. If you are a digital nomad finding the best place to work and explore the world, Spain is always the best choice. For entrepreneurs and freelancers working remotely, a work visa could be given as Spain itself is a self-employment place that encourages the participation of others too. You can find amazing destinations in the canary islands of Spain and choose the best place for you to work according to your mood.

You can find outstanding coworking spaces in the Las Palmas which include repeople, The House, and Soppa de Azul. These places are well-aware of the needs of workers such as a high-speed internet connection, golden beaches, and a very soft working environment. In your free time, you can just go and enjoy the lush forests, moonscapes, and volcanic cages to enjoy your free time and breaks. Enjoy seven islands, enjoy work with food and fresh drinks. 

New Zealand

Wellington is the best place in New Zealand for digital nomads to work remotely. One of the best things about this place is that it has more than 2000 free hotspots and endless cafes to enjoy your work with different flavors of coffee and tea. Wellington is a worldly place to serve you the way you want. Get set with your project and take a visa to enjoy both the beauty of New Zealand and meet the deadlines of your project.


If you are looking for places to work remotely in London, you must try visiting The British Library. Libraries are always the best choice to work in a peaceful environment and silence. Sable D'or, Muswell Hill, and Wimbledon are also two other options that give you an amazing environment for remote work.


Monkey Nest Coffee, Halcyon, Spider House Cafe, and Wright Bros. Brew & Brew are some best places to work remotely in Austin. These places are loved by the digital nomads so if your next station is Autin, give these places a must-try.


Miami is a dream place for digital nomads. If you are also looking for the best places to work remotely in Miami. The place is popular for remote workers due to a number of options to work remotely. These include Peet's Coffee at the Capital One Cafe, Panther Coffee – Wynwood & South Beach, and Pura Vida – Edgewater & South Beach, and many more. You can do your work, enjoy the atmosphere all around, and take good breaks by wandering on the beach, walking, and drinking tea.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles has the best cafes that are the perfect spots for digital nomads. The best places to work remotely in Los Angeles for digital nomads are Cafecito Organico, The Wing, Dinosaur, Alana's Coffee Roasters, Kaffebaren, and many more. You can enjoy the cafe life there with some imported good tea and coffee, lovely food and a soothing working environment.


If you are looking for the best places to work remotely in Mexico, then there are some that can help you do remote work without any distraction. You can give a visit to Oaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco or Morelia, Michoacán. This is the best place to do remote work if you are a digital nomad because there are endless places to enjoy while working in Mexico. 


If you are finding the best places to work remotely in Atlanta, you can visit the places and do remote work in a peaceful environment, though it totally depends on your favorite spots for remote work, there are some famous places that you must try. Piedmont and Grant Park are two famous parks that provide free WiFi to visitors. There is one The Publik Draft House and The High Museum of Art where you can do remote work without any distraction.

Tallinn, Estonia

When it comes to finding places to work remotely during covid, Tallinn is the best choice. The palace has recently launched the digital nomad visa for permanent employees. So if you are a digital nomad wandering every new place to make your remote work adventurous at the same time, try visiting here. You will find some co-working spaces here as well and can try and choose the ones that suit your mood.

Lahore, Pakistan 

The top places to work remotely in 2021 in Pakistan are their cafes. There is some top yet amazing cafes in Pakistan where you can do remote work and enjoy the best coffee. There are libraries, bookshops, reading spots, and parks that give you the ultimate environment to do remote work.

You might be looking for places where to work during covid. If you have got one of the best remote jobs during covid, you should give your best by giving proper attention to remote work.

Other than just the places in the work to do remote work, you can find the workspaces for yourself in the city or country you are in. If you are not a digital nomad but are looking for some workspace where you could work quietly and peacefully, you can give the following place and try for yourself.


There are some quiet cafes that provide you with a cozy and warm working environment. However, you might find some distractions from customers there because they are community places. Some cafes also provide you free WiFi but before deciding to work someplace you obviously need to do some research on them first.

Galleries and Museums

Museums are usually very quiet and give you a peaceful place to work without any noise, you need to keep your own WiFi device as you might not find it there. The restaurants in museums have ample seating and food choices, you can work, learn, and explore at the same time by working at these places.


There is no place like the library. If you haven't considered becoming a member of some local library, you should try it now to give yourself a try of working remotely in a calm environment. In this distraction-free place, you can do work being much focused and ensure high productivity being a remote worker. 


Some bookshops give you the liberty to come and read books and work on your computers. They have a highly vibrant workplace where you can enjoy working on comfortable sofa seats. The bookshelves all around motivate you to work, enjoy the culture, and complete tasks even faster. Find the best reading corners and bookshops as they are the perfect places to work remotely. 

Coworking spaces

The trend of coworking spaces is becoming a new normal. You will find some high-0end coworking spaces where engineers, writers, project managers all sit and work together. It feels like home and office both. You can enjoy the company of other people too, increase your social circle and get to know employees that come from different companies. Coworking spaces give you free WiFi and all other facilities that you need to do your work.

University spaces

University spaces are also the best choice when it comes to finding a peaceful place to work. There are some places in the university known to be very quiet and you often see students sitting there and studying. This is your task to find that place in university anywhere indoor or outdoor and work without any distraction.

Whether you work in your own country or visit any of the above places, these places will pay you to work remotely. If you are a digital nomad you need to be very concerned about the package of traveling and residence while working at your favorite place remotely. So what are you waiting for? Grab a good remote job that meets all your basic and additional needs of traveling, food, and residence, and enjoy working remotely at the world’s best places in 2021.